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Customer Testimonials

  "Learned about it From my Crew"
- Steven Chalmey, St. Paul MN

I have been seeing ads for this Male Enhancement Stuff for probably the last 10 years of my adult life.  I thought about the stuff as just a bunch of baloney young insecure guys buy into.  I have a General Contracting Business and have a bunch of eighteen and nineteen year old kids who work for me during the summer months and on the weekends.  I am getting  a little older in age.  These younger kids.  They act differently than we used to.  The truth is I always just kind of let them talk and just kind of tuned them out.  As long as they were hanging dry wall or nailing shingles they could talk about whatever they wanted.  I kept hearing them talking about Predoxen over and over again.  That word got stuck on a loop in my head.  At lunch I asked the guys what the heck Predoxen was and they proceeded to explain to me exactly what it was.  And I just laughed.  I told the kid if it worked for me I would pay him for 3 months and he didn’t even have to show up.  He gave me a bottle kind of smiling.


All I can say now is “Damn Kids!”  I took the stuff and within 3 months I would be lying if I said I wasn’t around 2 full inches bigger . . . That kid couldn’t even hang dry wall to save his life.  And I had to pay the little bastard for 3 months.  But I can tell you . . . had I not made the bet with him and not taken it I would have never realized how well this stuff works and what it can do.  It basically saved my marriage.  I had been working so much with you second kid my wife and I barely ever were having sex any more.  Let me tell you this stuff can save relationships because I feel a lot younger.  And I can even keep up with the kids I hire better than I could before.


Good job on making a great product.  I love the stuff.  I am looking forward to the announcement on 60 Minutes or something.

  "Stopped PE and Performance Anxiety"
- Craig Ferguson, Saugas MA

This stuff is wicked effective and solved a hell of a lot of issues I have had my entire life.  I read about it online and have had a couple of buddies tell me they were thinking of trying it.  I have never honestly really been all that dissatisfied with the size of my penis.  I have measured it and when I am hard I hit a full 7 inches.  It is when it is flaccid I absolutely cannot stand how small it is.  They say there are 2 different kinds of guys.  “Showers” and “Growers” . . . why could I not have been the latter?  It really sucks and makes sex hard.  I always felt like I had to go into the bathroom and pump the thing up any time I was with a girl.  It always got in the way and I was getting to a point where I was actually having trouble getting erections because it always looked so shriveled up like a rasin before I got hard. 


Predoxen WORKED miracles for me in this department.  I am already big when I am hard so the gains for me when erect were about 2 inches but it really plumped it up.  The girth got bigger.  The most dramatic gains I saw were in the flaccid state.  And it is by a huge margin.  It doubled the size of it just hanging if you know what I mean.  I have had some of the best sex of my entire life.  And I still have a whole bottle left.  I cannot wait to see where I am in another month.


Thanks Warwick Biological for making such a great product.  You guys really need to do some more advertising.  There are a lot of guys missing out on this stuff.

  “I Used to HATE Women”
- Rickey Riley, San Diego CA

I have never been a hot ticket with the ladies.  I couldn’t get laid to save my life.  When I was in High School one of my first girlfriends had been with this guy before me who had a reputation in the locker room.  He was huge to everyone.  I am about average . . . well maybe a little under. Like 5 inches all the way there.  You always here shit about men being superficial about girls tits and stuff.  That is a load of bullshit.  Girls are 10 times more superficial about physical shit than guys are.  I couldn’t keep a girlfriend.  One bitch actually said it was “cute”.  I wanted to knock her fucking head off.


I started taking Predoxen like 3 months ago and I have seriously gotten like an additional 3 inches in size.  And it is FAT!  I have been so used to hiding my junk because I was embarrassed about it.  I am just like BAM! When it is time to do the deed.  I love to shove her face down onto it now.  Before it was like she had all the power.  Now it is like I am the one in control.  To any guys out there curious.  Predoxen fucking WORKS.

  “My Doctors Reccomended I Raise my T-Levels Naturally”
- Samuel Lopez, Seattle, WA

I have been battling this chronic fucking fatigue for what seems like the last 15 years.  I am now 45 and I have felt like I was 65.  I went to my doctor and he said my T-Level was border line.  I had heard all the Hype about the Testosterone therapy.  And my doctor told me I should not buy into the hype and that some of the stuff is dangerous.  He said I should try and boost it through exercise and Vitamins and herbs like Tongkat Ali.  That is when I came across Predoxen.  Within 2 weeks I literally felt like 10 years younger.  The size gains are great.  The sex is 10 times better.  My wife and I are at it like we were on our honeymoon.


Predoxen Works!!

  “Half her age and ten times hotter”
- Richard M., Canton, Ohio

After being married for 10 years and recently getting divorced…I was looking for an extra edge as I was getting back into the dating scene. I had been feeling like I was not as big down there as I used to be and my sex drive was falling off a bit. I needed something that could give me a real boost of confidence with the ladies I started meeting online.


After doing research and reading reviews, I came across Predoxen. It was rated #1 on several review sites. I was a bit leery especially as I am not one for vitamins and pills…I just don’t think they do anything for you, other than waste your cash.  Anyway, I decided to give Predoxen a try as they had a 90 day money back guarantee. Oh boy…I am a believer now. My sex drive is way back and even better my buddy down below gets even harder than it did when I was 17 years old in the back seat of my old man’s Cadillac.  This stuff just make it feel thicker, wider and at least 3 inches longer. My ex-wife can keep my house, savings and car….i don’t care…I am keeping my Predoxen and the 3 new very satisfied girlfriends….who are half her age and ten times hotter. Thanks Predoxen!

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