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  How do I take Predoxen?
Predoxen is taken twice a day with a full glass of water. It’s best to take one pill in the morning and one pill in the evening. By adding this to your daily routine you will quickly see results of larger, fuller and harder erections.
  Will Predoxen work for me?
There is no better product available in the world when it comes to giving you increased testosterone, nitric oxide production, boosted sex drive, sexual stamina, quicker recovery for multiple sessions, enhanced stimulation and most importantly dramatically fuller, thicker, wider, harder and longer erections. Predoxen was developed by Dr. Brighton, the worldwide leading expert in the area of male sexual health. Dr. Brighton designed and patented the most advanced and game changing Four-Phase Diamond Extraction Process (FPDEP) to extract the highest potency ever achieved in a male enhancement product. The formula was so advanced it received initial round funding from a research grant provided by the Adult Film Actors Guild to help porn stars advance in their careers with larger penises – their valued money makers. Now available to the general public, the formula has been tested and proven to work for men of all walks of life from porn stars, to celebrities and average guys.
  Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! We are so confident that you are going to be thrilled with the results that we are happy to provide an unrivaled, best-in-class, gold standard 100% Money Back Guarantee. No games, no fine print, no dodging you when you call or email, simply put - if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our product, you can receive a full refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing fees) within 90 days of purchase. That’s 3 months from your purchase date to evaluate if Predoxen is working for you. Unlike many other fly-by-night male enhancement companies, Predoxen is the only company backed by a real nutraceutical manufacturer, Warwick Biological Labs, and so we can offer an unmatched 90 day guarantee.

  What ingredients are in Predoxen?

Comprised of 18 of the most studied size boosting, libido enhancing, stamina supercharging and energy lifting ingredients found on earth – Predoxen is the strongest formula ever crafted. We confidently display our label (click here for label) for you to review. No hiding behind sales copy and hyperbole like others. You can comfortably review our formula so you can purchase with confidence. Predoxen contains: Tongkat Ali 1:200 (Long Jack) aged up to 13 years (Indonesia), Maca (Peru), L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Ginseng Eleutherococcus (Korean Ginseng), Muira Puama (Brazil),Oat Straw (Horny Goat Weed Epimedium) Nettle, Saraparilla, Pumpkin, Cayenne Pepper, Astragalus, Catuba (Brazil), Licorice, Orchic, Oyster Extract, Boron (Turkey).

To learn more about our powerful ingredients please visit our ingredients page.

  How do you source your ingredients?

Our team has researched and quite literally scoured the planet for the purest, highest quality ingredients available anywhere. We spare no expense to bring you the best there is! We offer our farmers and growers special bonuses for producing higher quality, purer ingredients. This bonus structure, known by the growers association as Warwick Finest Harvest Rewards (WFHR) drives them to not only produce stronger, higher quality ingredients – but also to bring them to us first. We get first pick of all raw materials. Does this cost us more? Yes, we have higher production costs than most others and work off of smaller margins. It’s like comparing grocery store quality sushi to a 5-star Michelin rated world class sushi restaurant. There is no comparison in quality. While many manufactures water down their ingredients, we know that if we put in the best – you will get amazing results. Our experience has been that when you get real results – you will tell your friends and we will gain new customers. By putting our customers ahead of our margins we maintain legions of loyal men who are larger, happier and more sexual satisfied than ever before. We are proud that we have more returning customers than any other male enhancement manufacturer in the world. We are confident that once you try Predoxen you will be with us for a long time to come.

  Is Predoxen safe and are there any side effects?
Predoxen is 100% drug-free, all natural and contains only ingredients considered to be safe for on-going use without likelihood of side-effects. If for any reason you experience an adverse reaction, please discontinue use and consult a medical professional.
  Can I only buy Predoxen through a referral? Is Predoxen a drug? Do I need a prescription?
Previously only sold through a referral to accredited members of the Adult Film Actors Guild, Predoxen is now approved for sale to the general public. Predoxen is not considered a drug, does not require a prescription and does not contains any drugs or substances that are not naturally occurring. Our all natural product only contains pure ingredients which have been consumed by humans for thousands of years. There is no cause for concern about any artificial substance with possible unknown long-term consequences.
  After I place my order, will I be enrolled in any auto-billing credit card monthly billing and shipment programs?
Absolutely not! Warwrick Biological Labs stands behind our commitment creating a safe environment for customers to place orders. What you order today is the only thing you will be billed and shipped. We will never place you into any automatic monthly billing programs.
  When will my order be shipped out?
We know that you are excited to start using Predoxen and seeing the changes it is going to make in your life that we are commitment is to ship your products within 1-3 business days of your purchase.
  How do you ship? Is it the packaging discreet?
We ship via USPS and you will be emailed a tracking number when your order ships out. We ship our products in unmarked packages so you can feel assured your secret is safe with us. Now, how you explain to your partner why you are so much bigger – we will leave that to your imagination.
  How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?

Charges will appear on your card as PREDOXEN 800-341-8509.

  How can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please call our customer service department at (800) 800-341-8509 Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) or email us at [email protected] and one of our representative will assist you.

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