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Why Guys Need a Break Between Orgasms (And How to Shorten It)

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As a young man, you probably had the superhuman ability to have back-to-back sex, or even back-to-back-to-back sex, with a lightning-fast recovery between romps. But now that you're older, you may find that you're having trouble getting an erection or having an orgasm more than once a day.

unhappy middle aged couple in bed

What gives?

How can you speed up your recovery time and be having even more sex in your life?

Here's what you need to know about recovery time and how to get the maximum amount of fun and pleasure out of your sex life…

Why Men Need a Recovery Period

Many factors affect your ability to get it up again after ejaculation, and most of them involve neurotransmitters, your brain’s natural chemicals.

Here's a rundown of what happens in the brain after you orgasm.

Dopamine goes down:

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Dopamine is the "feel-good" neurotransmitter that produces feelings of pleasure. Dopamine is secreted when you're sexually aroused, but once you orgasm, production goes way down.

The less dopamine that's produced, the more dampened your sex drive, and the longer your recovery period is going to be.

Prolactin increases:

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Prolactin is a hormone that's associated with a lower sex drive. Unfortunately, when you have an orgasm, the production of prolactin increases, which makes it harder to get aroused again immediately sex.

Serotonin surges:

Serotonin is a brain chemical associated with calm and relaxation. Your brain releases a flood of serotonin after ejaculation, which is why you may want to just roll over and go to sleep. But even if you do want to go another round, serotonin can make it harder for your brain to get you back in the game right away.

Testosterone takes a nosedive:

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Another side effect of serotonin is that it suppresses your testosterone production, which further reduces your sex drive and makes it difficult to get it up again.

Other factors that can affect your ability to recover after sex and achieve another erection include:

  • Your age.
  • Your level of desire.
  • How sensitive your penis is.
  • The quality of your relationship.
  • Your emotional state.
  • Whether you're circumcised.
  • Whether you have alcohol in your system.
  • What medications or recreation drugs you may have taken.

How to Get Your Groove Back Quickly

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The more aroused you are, the better the chances you'll achieve a subsequent erection. That means spicing things up.

When you get into a sexual rut, you're less likely to continue being aroused once you orgasm. But adding a little excitement to your sex life can help you rev it up and get another erection quickly.

Here are 7 tips on how to spice it up and keep your mojo going longer:

  1. Try getting it on in a new place, like a hotel room, the kitchen, outside, or a campsite.
  2. Have sex at an unusual time, like three in the afternoon or six in the morning.
  3. Dirty talk, consider role play, or a fantasy scenario. Ask your partner what would turn them on and then give it a try.
  4. Try adding sex toys or bringing food into the bedroom to give your intimate life a jolt of novelty and renewed energy.
  5. Give your partner a sexy massage or try some new types of body contact.
  6. Try some new positions you haven’t before.
  7. Break out the handcuffs for some consensual bondage.

Trying new things after the first round is a great way to keep things interesting in the bedroom and push your sex life to new heights.

Even if experimenting doesn't lead to double-header sex, it will increase your enjoyment and enhance your intimacy with your partner, and that may be even better than going at it all night.

happy middle aged couple in bed

Keep in mind that a short break may be necessary between rounds. Maybe try a shower together and then chat for a bit, give yourself a bit of time to recover and then you’ll be ready to dive in for round two.

The All-Natural Solution

To really heat things up in the bedroom it’s crucial that your body is operating on all cylinders. As we talked about above, age does play a role in your natural ability to perform at your best.

That’s where the all-natural support of Predoxen Male Enhancement and Predoxen Testo Boost come into play. Both are scientifically proven formulas designed to help boost your testosterone and dopamine levels for increased libido, confidence, pleasure, and bedroom energy so that you can go all night.



Feeling like your younger self doesn’t have to be just a dream. Going all night long doesn’t have to be just something you remember fondly from your youth. Adding the helpful support that Predoxen provides into your daily routine has helped thousands of men just like you, and I know it can work for you too.

Give the above tips a try, and I’m confident you’ll be feeling like your younger self in no time at all.




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