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Spontaneous Summer Sex Tips

3 minutes to read


How often do you think about trying a new position in the bedroom?

Maybe you’ve thought about it during an anniversary...or to celebrate a birthday. Or maybe you’ve had the moment strike you while washing dishes.

But, here’s the hard question: what do you do if you’re not sure what position to try next?

Now, don’t feel embarrassed if you feel like you’re out of ideas. After all, most people stick to a pretty set routine when it comes to their bedroom habits. And I used to be one of them!

After doing a bit of research [and some “trial and error”] I was able to pick up a few new tricks...and I’m ready to share them with you today.

Here are my top two “Spontaneous Summer Sex Tips”!

Spontaneous Summer Sex Tip #1: The Ankle Choker

For this one, you’re going to start off in missionary. Prop her knees up so her feet are resting on the bed.

Next, slowly start to sit up and raise up onto your knees. Raise her hips up into bridge pose so you stay inside of her. (You can also help by holding on under her hips.)

Slowly raise one of her legs up and rest it on your shoulder, then repeat with her other leg. Depending on your height differences, you can inch her ankles further up your shoulders, or you can use your hands to raise your pelvis up higher.

From there, make sure she’s ready to hang on for the ride while you thrust in and out of her.

Why is this position so much fun? Because it’s great for hitting her g-spot. Having your legs together will make her feel enticingly full. You can even squeeze a hand between her thighs for some additional clitoral stimulation.

She’ll be almost entirely upside down, which only adds to the sensation of it all. Just make sure you get in a nice hamstring and calf stretch first!

Spontaneous Summer Sex Tip #2: The Advanced Crab Walk

On this one, start off with your arms propped behind you. Make sure she slowly lowers herself onto you, straddling your hips. Have her lean back so that her weight is resting on her hands.

One at a time, pull her legs up to rest on your shoulders. You won’t be able to thrust that much from this position, so you’ll have to keep the focus more on rocking or grinding against one another. You can even use your ankles for some extra leverage.

This one’s great because it’s a good, slow burner since there’s a limited range of movement. And having your legs close together can make for a nice, tight fit.

Plus, both of you will get a great view of you sliding in and out of her.

So, give these tips a try so you can keep your sex life unpredictable and fun.

They may seem like small adjustments, they’re going to make a big impact.


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