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How to go Longer by Going Shorter

3 minutes to read


We don’t like to admit it, but most men are creatures of habit.

Even though we’re dead set on being able to perform our absolute best in the bedroom — we often do something that can throw a wrench in that goal... over and over again.

It happens when we masturbate and get a release as quickly as possible.

It feels great in the moment but can lead to issues later in the bedroom.

Which is why I’m writing to you today…

I’ve got a technique so simple, effective, and fun you barely need to change anything in order to boost your sexual pleasure.

I call it: S.N.G. — for “Stop and Go”.

You see, when you’re pleasuring yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and take yourself right up to and off the “edge of the cliff.”

And while it might get the job done, it may not be the best strategy to develop the stamina you’ll need to provide your woman and yourself with the most pleasure possible.

Now, during sex, you can change up the speed, depth, and rhythm of your thrusts in any way that works for you.

But I’ve got a little rhythm-varying routine you can do beforehand that builds your stamina better than anything I’ve ever tried before.

The next time you decide to pleasure yourself, try this:

As you get close to the point of no return, take a small break.

Wait about 4 minutes, then get back to it.

And one more time, just before climax, pause for another 4-minute break.

Then, once you get started on your third attempt...feel free to go all the way.

Once you’ve mastered this technique on your own, get your partner involved.

After a few tries of working together to get you to the edge and taking those 4-minute breaks, you should be much better equipped to control your release — something I’m sure will make her very happy.

On these warm summer evenings, I want you to really have some fun — and make sure you take as long as you like.

Now, if you don’t have the time to train yourself to delay climax, don’t worry.

That’s why the staff here at Predoxen developed Max Delay. We developed Max Delay to allow you to control your excitement, give long-lasting performances, and explode when you choose to.

I feel like you (and her) are really going to love this!


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