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How to Keep Things Exciting in the Bedroom While Staying In

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It's a challenging period in our history, with disrupted routines and more downtime on our hands. Now, more than ever, it's essential to keep your mind and body active while social distancing and following your state's stay-at-home orders.

But with every cloud, there is a silver lining. These times of social distancing can be an opportunity to engage in some serious relationship TLC. So in that spirit, here are four great ways to fire up some action in the bedroom and improve your relationship for the long-term while you're holed up at home together.


Get Fit Together

It can be tempting to binge watch Netflix for days on end, but doing so is a good way to put a damper on your health--and your relationship. Sitting too much and for too long, especially when you're only passively engaged, can make you feel sluggish, disoriented, and even depressed. It can disrupt your sleep patterns, affect your appetite, and contribute to other health problems.

A little exercise each day, on the other hand, gives you energy, reduces anxiety and depression, and helps to prevent numerous devastating diseases. It also gives you the opportunity to work toward a goal with your partner, which can increase feelings of intimacy and make you feel more like a team. Go for a long walk each day, or set up a home gym with weights, and pump iron together. Exercise will help you pump up the sex drive, and it improves your performance in bed and beyond.


Make Magic in the Kitchen

Takeout is great, but spending an evening once or twice a week concocting delicious things in the kitchen is good for the soul, and it's good for the sex life. Cooking together is a cooperative effort with a big payoff--a delicious meal that you can share by candlelight.

If you can handle the heat, whip up something spicy, which will help gets your blood flowing and increases your sex drive. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their heat, is a well-known libido enhancer, as are raw oysters, strawberries, honey, and potatoes, which are packed with potassium to assist in the synthesis of the sex hormone testosterone in both men and women.


Go to Bed in the Afternoon

Breaking with routine can be very sexy. If you and your partner are a bedtime-sex couple, shaking it up and getting it on in the afternoon not only breaks up the monotony of another day inside, but it also lets you take advantage of a higher energy level than you typically experience at night right before bed.

Sex in the afternoon, when the sun is out, and you can hear your neighbor mowing the lawn, could last longer and feel more physically and emotionally intense. And since you're already breaking with tradition, afternoon sex is an excellent time to experiment with role-playing, toys, and new positions. And when you're done, there's still daylight to burn for a luxurious afternoon nap or a walk around the neighborhood while your blood is still pumping.


Play a Game

Playing a game together is a good way to pass the time. Whether you're into Battleship or Bridge, pitting your wits against your partner's can make for some fun quality time together. Turn it up a few notches with your own set of risque rules. For instance, Monopoly rent must be paid in small sexual favors, or whoever loses the hand in Gin Rummy also loses an item of clothing. No board games or cards? Play Truth or Dare, which gives you the opportunity to get extra intimate with your partner, both physically and emotionally.


Rise to the Challenge

Staying home is a great time to give your relationship and sex life a little extra TLC. To ensure you're up to the task, a daily supplement like Predoxen Male Enhancement gives you that extra edge in the sack. Predoxen is packed with research-based, all-natural ingredients that have been proven to improve performance, libido, and pleasure as well as promote harder, longer-lasting erections.

Don't let these unprecedented times leave you with nothing to show for your sacrifices. Spend this time nurturing your relationship, and you'll come away with good memories, a great sex life, and a stronger emotional bond.



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