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Grower vs. Shower: The Facts About Penis Size

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We men tend to give our penises considerable thought throughout our lives. Some of us fret about our size, and some of us strut our large members proudly. Naturally, we compare our penis size to other mens'. By the time you were out of high school, you probably knew whether you're a shower or a grower--even if you've never heard these terms before.

A grower, of course, is someone who has a small flaccid penis that grows considerably when it's erect. A shower, on the other hand, is someone who has a larger flaccid penis that doesn't get all that much bigger when it's erect.

But has this ever been scientifically proven?

What One Expert Says

Dr. Seth Cohen, assistant professor of urology and OBGYN at NYU, tells Men'sHealth.com that there's no scientific basis behind the question of growers vs. showers. Some men, he says, look small when they're flaccid, which makes them appear larger when they're erect. "An erect penis is alway going to be larger and girthier than a flaccid one," according to Cohen. "The penis is just a muscle. When blood flows there, it gets larger." This, he believes, is true even if you have a larger flaccid penis.

Either way, Men'sHealth.com points out that a small flaccid penis grows larger when it's erect, and so does a larger flaccid penis. But a few factors may account for believing yourself to be a grower or a shower. For example, erectile dysfunction can reduce the size of an erection, and a variety of medical disorders can affect the elasticity of the penis, which can make you appear to be a shower. Having belly fat can make you think you're more of a grower, since it can make your penis look smaller, but an erection makes the real size visible, giving the appearance that it grew a lot.

What One Study Found

According to a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, Dr. Cohen may be slightly off-track. In the retrospective review, 274 erectile dysfunction patients underwent penile duplex Doppler ultrasound, or PDDU, to measure the length of the flaccid penis and its length after an induced erection. The median change in length from flaccid to erect was 4.0 centimeters, and this number was used as the cut-off for determining a shower (whose size changed by less than four inches) and a grower (whose size changed by 4.0 cm or more.)

According to the review, 26 percent of the men fit the profile of a grower, with a mean change in length of 5.3 centimeters. Seventy-six percent of the men were showers, with a mean change in length of 3.1 centimeters. There were no differences between the groups in term of race, smoking history, erectile dysfunction, or flaccid penile length.

The study found that growers were significant younger than showers, with a mean age of 47.5 compared to the showers' 55.9 years; they tended to be single; and they required less vasodilator to produce the erection. The results of the study suggest that a younger age and single status could be predictive of being a grower rather than a shower. The researchers conclude that more studies are needed to confirm this hypothesis.

The Verdict is Still Out

Whether "grower vs. shower" is actually a thing or it's something men invented because we enjoy thinking about our penises, erectile dysfunction and other problems can affect the size and hardness of our erections. Before you try medications, which can have unpleasant side effects, go the natural route and try a supplement like Predoxen Male Enhancement. It's not a magic pill, but it's a scientifically proven formula that contains all-natural ingredients known through research to produce harder, thicker erections, boost testosterone for an increased libido, and increase energy for better endurance in bed.

Don't let your penis size or type stop you from having a satisfying romp in the sack with your partner. A daily dose of Predoxen, along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, will go a long way toward improving your performance and pleasure in the bedroom.





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