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Celebrate, Win or Lose

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Here’s something most people may not realize:

Around 9 months after a city gets a big championship sports win, there’s a tremendous spike in the number of babies being born. (1)

How remarkable is that? Especially since there seems to be a big title game every few months.

And in fact, some hospitals even tell their nurses a few weeks in advance of that 9-month window to plan on being busier than ever. (1)

Yes — it’s pretty amazing to think about how many people all have the same idea, at the exact same time…

Especially when you consider how many people are too focused on imbibing with their buddies to participate in any sort of bedroom fun.

So, if you’re planning on watching the big game with your buddies…

But you’re still hoping to spend some time with your lady afterwards, here are a couple great tip you can use to make that “celebration” an incredible one:

Step 1.

Start off in your regular, basic missionary position. (Don’t worry, it gets better…)

Now, lean backwards until you’re sitting on your heels.

Step 2.

Take both hands and reach down to grab her butt, then pull her in towards you.

Make sure she’s still on her back, and that you’re sitting straight up, her pelvis on top of your thighs.

Step 3.

Now, instead of moving your hips back and forth, you’ll be using your arms to move HER up and down on you.

This is a move that’s easy to do, even after a long night of celebrating — and it’ll absolutely wow her at the same time.

So, the next time you’re excited and pumped up after the big game, go ahead and give this a try.

And if you’re looking for even more support, you can also try adding Predoxen’s Max Delay to your “celebration” routine.

It might seem easy but trust me — this is a move that’s going to have BIG results.

And don’t be surprised if your lady is looking forward to the next championship game more than she used to.


SOURCE: (1) "There's An Eagles' Super Bowl Baby Boom In Philadelphia Nine Months After Big Win". 2019. Cbssports.Com. Accessed January 25 2019. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/theres-an-eagles-super-bowl-baby-boom-in-philadelphia-nine-months-after-big-win/.

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