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Little Blue Pill vs. Natural Supplements: When Will My Herbal Remedy Take Effect?

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If you've ever experienced erectile dysfunction, you're not alone. It's a widespread problem throughout the United States. Remarkably, research shows that as many as 40% of men in their 40's are affected. That number jumps to 70% for men in their 70's.

Sexual issues are clearly not confined to older Americans, but the frequency of the problem does increase as you age. Age-related erectile dysfunction is relatively common because with age comes a host of medical issues that challenge your ability to achieve and maintain an erect penis. Multiple factors could be to blame, such as reductions in nitric oxide production, plunges in your testosterone levels, and blood flow issues.

If you've ever gone for a consultation regarding your sexual performance, you were likely given a prescription and sent on your way. Prescription drugs are designed for immediate and temporary results but do not address the underlying causes of your dysfunction.


And this is where an effective natural supplement can be beneficial.

Herbal formulas are not event-specific remedies but help address the underlying issues that are causing your problems. For that reason, they are not quick fixes. But here's the positive side, once you address the underlying causes like low testosterone or nitric oxide levels you may experience more frequent and powerful sexual activity. Although the result does happen immediately, the effect may be more long-lasting and more comprehensive.

If you've decided to take an herbal remedy to enhance your sexual performance and enjoyment, know this, popping a supplement isn't going to give you an automatic 4-hour hard on.


Here are a few factors you have to consider...

Deficiency Level: How deficient you are, determines how long it takes for the effects of a supplement to kick in. Think of your body like a pool; the more empty it is, the longer it takes to fill up.

Dosage: Going back to the pool analogy, if you're half-empty, but only pouring in a few gallons each day, it's going to take a lot longer to fill. On the flip side, if a hurricane comes along and floods your pool, that can cause a lot of damage. Overdoing anything is never a good idea. And megadoses of nutrients found in some male enhancement supplements like zinc can be toxic at extremely high doses.

Absorption: There's no one rate of absorption, every man has his own, and it depends on genetics, environment, and other nutritional deficiencies you may have. Making sure you've got your baseline nutrition covered is an excellent place to start.

Diet: Eating a healthy balanced diet with lots of vegetables and sparing amounts of red meat, sugar, and alcohol is an essential part of maintaining a healthy sex life. And eating a quality diet and taking a multivitamin can help prevent nutritional deficiencies.



When can you expect to feel your male enhancing supplement?

By the first week, you should feel something - more energy, more desire, and more blood flow. That's how you know it's working. If you don't, stick with the recommended daily dosage for a few more weeks at least.

Feeling the full effect of an herbal intervention takes longer - anywhere from six weeks to a few months. But, by giving it time, you and your partner may be in for some very delightful surprises and a fun ride along the way.

And remember, herbal remedies usually offer a double bonus by boosting your overall health, unlike pharmaceuticals that may be harmful and are known to cause adverse side effects such as heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias, dyspepsia, nausea, and diarrhea.


Enhancing Supplements

Aging doesn't mean an active sex life is off the table. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, and rethinking unhealthy habits can help you reactivate your physical life in the bedroom and beyond, no matter your age.

When adding an herbal remedy - taken in the correct combinations and levels can dramatically enhance your sexual energy and help you maintain an erection and ultimately satisfy yourself and your partner.

Predoxen - with 18 research-based ingredients shown to help enhance sexual ability. Our herbal blend promises more robust erections, increased sex drive/energy, and more confidence in the bedroom. So within a few weeks, you can be rockin' and rollin' again.


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