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Dear Rob… Predoxen Answers Your Sex Questions

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Over the years, questions come up from our Predoxen community that have made their way to my inbox. In this blog post, I've picked out a few that represent what seems to be most on your minds…and your partners. My answers are a combination of research and thoughts from the man whores that populate the office. Working at Predoxen for as long as I have, I've learned a few things about navigating the ins and outs of the bedroom. So my personal experience is in there too.


Asking for What You Want in Bed

Dear Rob,

I'm a 50-year-old man, and for most of my life, I was never into oral sex - giving or getting. It's probably because the women I've dated, and my ex-wife, never seemed to be into it. Well, I got together with a gal through Tinder, and she gave me mind-blowing head. No kidding, that moment was the best I have ever felt in my entire life.

So here's my question, how do I suggest to the woman I am currently dating that I want her to give me head? I know that some women really dig it, and it doesn't take much for them to take the lead. I'm thinking of flowers and a champagne dinner before the big ask? And I don't want to wait until after sex. When I haven't cum for a while, it's just so much better. Is that selfish?

- Dan

There's nothing wrong with having a sex conversation outside dinner. Maybe during the champagne dinner your planning, you could ask what turns her on, get her talking about her desires. Side note - that's a great way to heat things up. She may even admit that she loves giving head – imagine that!

She will inevitably ask, "What turns you on?" That's the moment you let your freak flag fly and let her know exactly what's on your mind. Don't hold back. You'll find out quick enough if she's game – and if she's the right partner for you. Because hey, if she's not willing to explore what you enjoy, maybe she isn't the one for you. I have a feeling you'll be feeling the thrill that night.


Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

Hey Rob,

Last week my girlfriend of three years admitted that she slept with a co-worker. I had suspicions that something was up because she's been avoiding me. I know that the guy was someone she used to date. They work in the same department now and see each other almost daily.

After she copped to it, I was pretty devastated and broke off the relationship. But we started talking, and she really wants to get back together with me. I want to give her a second chance. I'm really in love with my girlfriend and honestly don't want to lose her. She's super sweet, and the sex between us is amazing. My friends think I'm a dope and that I should end it now.

What do you think? Am I stupid for giving her a second chance?

- Devastated in Dallas

Here's my straightforward take on your situation – do not take her back.

That's probably not what you wanted to hear. And I don't mean to sound like a dick. But I'm trying to spare you more pain in the future.

When you two talked, I'm sure she was bringing up the good times. She probably assured you that it just happened – and it was a one-time thing. And, of course, she's promising it will never happen again.

Now think about this - have you had chances to cheat on her? Maybe you were at a bar with your guy friends or on a business trip, and a beautiful woman let you know she wanted to get busy with you. But what did you do? You turned the opportunity down. Why? Because you didn't want to jeopardize what you had with your girlfriend.

But unlike you, she said yes to the opportunity. And even worse, she did it with someone she'd already slept with. And that's worse because she knew when she agreed to meet him for drinks after work exactly where that drink would lead. Yet, she accepted his invitation knowing she was risking a breakup with you.

Sometime down the road, her co-worker is going to hit her up for another booty call – especially if she's as hot in bed as you say. And if she sees him every day at work, it's probably going to be sooner rather than later.

Now, be honest with yourself. Do you think you can trust her to say no in the future? When she does it again, you'll be devastated and feel like a dope.


Pumping-Up a Limp Relationship

Hey Rob,

My partner is in his 50's, works out every day, and looks hot. For about the last year, he has struggled to keep an erection, which I find very frustrating. I have asked him to talk to his physician and to seek help. I'm younger than him and don't want to spend my life sexless. At this point, I've got one foot out the door. How do I get him to face this because I don't want to lose him?

- Frustrated

It seems that you've tried talking, but he didn't respond. This time around, you need to be more firm. It's time to put your own needs first in your life. Tell him your truth plainly and simply, "I don't want a sexless relationship, so this isn't sustainable for me long-term."

And here's another suggestion, buy him a few bottles of Predoxen's Nitric Oxide. It contains amino acids essential for nitric oxide production in the body, including L-arginine, L-citrulline, and L-citrulline malate. A daily serving of Nitric Oxide will maximize his power and energy and help him recover more quickly when he workouts. And more importantly, Nitric Oxide helps produce larger, harder erections for greater pleasure and enhanced performance. Your solution may be as easy as clicking here.

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