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7 Alarming Side Effects of ED Medications

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Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is fairly common as men age, and it does a number on your sex life. ED has many causes, some psychological and some physical.

Physical causes of ED can often be treated with medication. The most common prescription medications for erectile dysfunction are tadalafil (Cialis,) sildenafil (Viagra,) vardenafil (Levitra,) and avanafil (Stendra.)

These vasodilators work by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood, which widens blood vessels to improve blood flow, including blood flow to your penis. More blood equals a harder member.

Unfortunately, medications for ED don't come without side effects. Not everyone will experience all of the possible side effects, and the effects can range from mild to severe.

man discussing side effects with doctor

Here are seven of the most common side effects men experience on ED medications.

1. Aches and pains

man with back pain

Some men report having aches and pains in their muscles after taking ED meds. For many, the pain originates in the lower back, but they can occur anywhere.

Over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, can help but talk to your doctor about which OTC pain meds are right for you based on the ED medication and other medications you're taking. Keep in mind that frequent use of pain medications, even seemingly harmless over the counter ones, can cause serious issues if used too often.

2. Headaches

man with headache

The most common side effect of ED drugs are headaches, which are caused by the sudden change in blood flow due to increased nitric oxide in the body. These, too, can be treated with OTC medications, but first, try decreasing the dosage, taking the medication on a full stomach, minimizing alcohol consumption while on it, and staying well-hydrated.

3. Dizziness

Some men become dizzy when their nitric oxide levels increase, but it's generally a mild case, although it can interfere with daily activities. In rare cases, dizziness can cause fainting, which is cause to visit your doctor right away.

4. Digestive problems

man with digestive discomfort

Indigestion and diarrhea are common in men who take ED medications, and these can put a major damper on your bedroom activities. Eating a healthy diet and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, or drinks high in sugar can also go a long way toward relieving indigestion.

5. Changes in vision

ED medications can temporarily cause blurry vision, change in color perception, or otherwise alter your eyesight. In fact, if you have vision loss or retinitis pigmentosa, a retinal disorder, it's recommended that you don't take ED meds at all. If you experience a loss of vision or changes that don't go away, there may be a serious issue with your medication, and you should seek urgent medical care.

6. Flushes

Flushes are short-term periods of red skin that usually develop on the face, but they can spread to other parts of your body. They may occur as blotchy skin, or they can appear as rashes. While flushes aren't harmful, they can be uncomfortable. Try avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, and excessively warm temperatures while you're on your medication.

7. Runny nose and nasal congestion

man with a cold

Temporary sinus congestion and runny nose are common while taking ED medications, and these typically go away fairly quickly without treatment. However, if they persist, talk to your doctor.

An Alternative to ED Medication

Some men may be more at risk than others of developing side effects from ED medications, depending on several factors, including other health conditions or medications. Before starting on an erectile dysfunction medication, tell your doctor what else you're taking, including supplements.

Before you opt for ED medication, consider going the all-natural route first to see if that does the trick. Predoxen is a vasodilation supplement that contains clinically tested ingredients that are proven to boost nitric oxide and testosterone levels in men. Predoxen has been shown to produce harder, thicker, and firmer erections and increases your libido.


Whether you choose ED medications or a natural supplement, taking good care of yourself is an excellent way to improve erectile function and maintain a healthy sex life.

Eat healthy food, move your body every day, and get adequate sleep. Stay hydrated, use alcohol in moderation, and quit smoking. You'll enjoy more energy and longer life, which means more and better sex.






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