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6 Positions to Make Your Winter Nights Sizzle

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When the temperature drops and peeling off your coat feels like a punishment, more than a little coaxing is needed to get your significant other to strip down to their skivvies.

Our resident "sex-perts" share the positions that create the most body-to-body contact, aka HEAT, to lend a hand with your romping great times. Keep reading to reveal our six best...


1. Side-by-Side Snuggle

She loves to cuddle; you want to get laid and stay warm at the same time. The Side-by-Side Snuggle will satisfy you both.

Lay down on your sides and face your partner. One person wraps their outside leg over their partner's hip. This most intimate position allows for easy penetration and lots of warming friction. Bonus, if done face to face, you can enjoy the extra steamy kissing.


2. Winter Sled

The Winter Sled maximizes contact between your bodies by using the coital alignment technique, a sex position that focuses on clitoral stimulation.

Start with getting into the classic missionary position with one partner on top of the other. Instead of thrusting at the hips for only penetrative sex, glide up and down your partner's body. Really get her fire going by tilting your hips towards her so she can grind her clitoris against you.

This position is all about your bodies' friction to stimulate the clitoris, penetrative thrusting, and keeping your skin in contact for warming pleasure.


3. Hot Doggy

Get toasty under the covers with this sizzling take on doggy style.

Instead of being up on all fours like traditional doggy style, you're going to be lying flatter on your stomachs, stacked on top of each other. Instead of thrusting, the top partner slides on top of the bottom partner for increased friction.


4. Two Legs Up

Do this pleasure position standing up.

Let her wrap her legs around your waist. Grab her leg and pull her in closer while supporting her weight. In this position, she gets to grip your shoulders while hugging in the intensity and deepness of the thrusting. Rub your bodies together for warmth.


5. Tundra Lap Dance

While it may not be as toasty as spooning, any lost warmth is made up for in pure hotness.

Get on your knees, legs together and have your partner angle on top of you with their back against your body. Let the receiving partner take control while you playfully use your hands or support yourself with your hands, leaning back to penetrate deeper.


6. The Hot Seat

You'll want this seat when the temperature drops.

Sit on the edge of your bed or chair with your feet on the floor. Your partner backs up onto you. She can control the entry angle by arching her back and pressing her backside into your pelvis. That makes it one of the hottest sex positions for both of you.

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