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6 Exercises for Better Sex

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Do you want to boost your sexual performance, but are you trying to avoid using the little blue pill? Erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating condition, and many men want to try natural treatments before turning to potential side-effect laden prescription medications. Certain drugs, such as sildenafil (Viagra) can improve erections, but these big pharma drugs do come with potentially harmful consequences. The good news, they aren’t your only option.

Today, we are looking at six exercises that can be used to help you regain erectile function. Training your pelvic muscles can be helpful for performance in bed, and you should also consider other exercises as well. Here are 6 areas you should focus on for improved sexual performance:

1. Planks

Engaging the core muscles can strengthen the midsection of your body, which helps to lift the pelvic floor. A series of plank exercises each day can offer an effective way to tone the right muscles that can impact sexual performance.

A plank is very similar to a push-up without the repetitive up and down portion. To perform a traditional plank, plant your hands directly below your shoulders on the floor in a pushup position. Ground your toes on the floor and squeeze your butt to help stabilize your body. Hold your head in line with your back, looking at a spot on the ground about a foot in front of your hands. Hold this position for 20 seconds or as long as you can.

Add side planks by laying on your side and lifting your hip to push yourself off the floor with the legs stacked. Hold for at least 15 seconds before switching sides.

2. Weight Lifting

When you lift weights regularly, it helps to boost testosterone. This hormone is a precursor to sex drive, which can help to increase your libido and performance. Plus, weightlifting is helpful to strengthen the chest, shoulders, and abs. Increasing upper body strength is important to help with stamina since these muscles are commonly used during sex.

3. HIIT Training

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) are short bursts of exercise that are another option that can help you boost your testosterone levels. Instead of slogging away on the treadmill, focus instead on short, intense movements to build muscle and increase endurance. Examples include crunches, pushups, wall sits, lunges, and burpees.

4. Yoga and Stretching

Even though yoga seems like an activity dominated by women, you will find benefit from practicing yoga as well. Yoga helps keep your body flexible and improving your flexibility can help you be more comfortable in new positions and old favorites.

Shake it up in bed by practicing yoga positions that support your pelvic muscles, such as peacock pose, shoulder stand, and bow pose.

There are many online video classes and phone apps that make learning the basics easy. Stretching your body and keeping it limber is the key to lengthy pain-free sex sessions you’re sure to enjoy even more.

5. Cardio

Choose your favorite form of cardio and maintain consistency with this exercise. Regular cardio is helpful for your sexual health because it has a positive impact on endurance. Plus, cardio is a fat-burning activity that helps with weight loss, which in turn gives you more self-confidence, energy, and endurance in the bedroom. Researchers have also found that weight control has a positive impact on reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

6. Tai Chi

In addition to the physical benefits that are available from Tai Chi, men also can benefit from the breathing techniques that are taught. Learning to manage your breath is important to improve performance and maintain stamina in the bedroom. Plus, Tai Chi movements can stimulate the prostate and increase blood flow in the pelvic area.

If you want to increase your enjoyment of your sex life, then you need to focus on the exercises that boost your strength and stamina well before you head to the bedroom. Your exercise routine can have a significant impact to change the way you feel and perform when it really matters. For best results and to keep it interesting try a variety of the exercises listed above.


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