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5 Breakthrough Way Tongkat Ali Improves Your Sex Life

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Tongkat ali is an herbal supplement that's been shown to enhance the immune system, reduce blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and alleviate pain and inflammation. But this Malaysian plant is best-known for its sex-enhancing properties. If you're finding your sexual performance waning for one reason or another, tongkat ali may be your best bet for re-igniting your love life. Here are five research-proven ways this supplement can help.

1. Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels

Low testosterone can put a damper on your sex life by reducing your sex drive, increasing your risk of erectile dysfunction, and causing fatigue and increased fat mass. Research shows that tongkat ali stimulates the production of testosterone and blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogens. An article published in the journal Andrologia reports that tongkat ali may even be a safe and effective alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

2. Tongkat Ali increase libido, hardness, and performance

Tongkat ali can improve your sexual satisfaction, according to a 12-week study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. In the study, men who took a tongkat ali supplement experienced improved sexual performance, increased hardness, and duration of their erections. A study of rats found that tongkat ali enhanced libido and sexual arousal, and another study of healthy men showed that it increased libido and improved symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

3. Tongkat Ali promotes weight loss

Even a few extra pounds can affect your performance and satisfaction in bed and losing weight will not only improve your sex life, but also your overall health. Tongkat ali has been shown to reduce fat mass, hip size, and weight circumference compared to a placebo group, and a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that tongkat ali supplementation for just five weeks increased muscle strength while decreasing body fat.

4. Tongkat Ali helps reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can interfere with your erection, your libido, and your performance in the sack. It can also lead to devastating health problems. Reducing stress and anxiety is essential for overall good health in and out of bed, and tongkat ali can help. According to a study of 63 moderately stressed people, tongkat ali extract reduced stress hormone levels, tension, confusion, and anger. A study of mice found that tongkat ali reduced the frequency of fights and increased exploratory behaviors.

5. Tongkat Ali improves fertility

Couples are having children at an increasingly older age, and if you're not quite done reproducing, tongkat ali can help make it happen. A study of 109 men aged 30 to 55 found that tongkat ali increased semen volume and sperm motility compared to a placebo group. Another study found that tongkat ali supplements also improved sperm concentration and quality.

So, where do you find tongkat ali? One of the best sources is Predoxen Male Enhancement, a supplement that contains not only tongkat ali, but also 17 other clinically-researched ingredients shown to enhance male sexual and overall performance.

Predoxen has been shown to produce larger, thicker, and harder erections, and it improves endurance and stamina for greater performance and higher confidence in bed. A daily dose of Predoxen can help you achieve a better sex life and better overall sexual health for the long-haul.










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