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5 Awkward Sex Scenarios & What You Can Do About Them

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Sex is great, but it's not without its more unfortunate moments. As we get older, awkward things may happen more frequently while getting it on, but it doesn't have to ruin sex or end the session. Here are five common awkward scenarios that are bound to happen at some point, along with what you can do about them.


1. You have to pee mid-session

There you are, going along at a clip, enjoying the moment when suddenly, you have to pee. Urgently. Getting up to go to the bathroom can really kill the mood, but having to urinate during sex is actually pretty normal, although it's more usual for women than men.

Some common reasons why men may feel the need to go during sex include an enlarged prostate or prostate surgery, bladder stones, obesity, constipation, and having consumed caffeine or alcohol before sex.

Always hit the bathroom before you head to the bedroom. Try different positions during sex, since certain positions can put pressure on your bladder. Limit the amount of liquid you consume in the hours leading up to sex, and be particularly careful with alcohol and caffeine. If the feeling persists, see your doctor.


2. Your leg cramps up

There's nothing like a full-blown Charley horse to take you from screaming in ecstasy one moment to writhing in agony the next. Leg cramps during sex become more common as we age, resulting from a spasm that occurs when the quadriceps, gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles lock up when they're contracted. And they become contracted as a result of using your toe and ankle muscles while having sex in the missionary or doggy-style position. Dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes also contribute to Charley horses.

If your legs frequently cramp during sex, a little prep pre-sex can help. Make sure you are hydrated. Eat a couple of bananas to replenish potassium and other electrolytes. Do some light stretches to loosen up the muscles in your legs. If the cramps persist, try another position.


3. The dog/cat won't stop staring

It can be a little disconcerting to look up from getting it on only to find your furry friend staring you down. Chances are, your pet's curiosity is devoid of judgment, but it can be uncomfortable nonetheless. Your three options are to lock them out of the room, keep the activity hidden under the sheets, or just ignore the four-legged voyeur. He probably thinks you're just wrestling.


4. You come too soon

It's associated with coming-of-age, but premature ejaculation (PE) can happen at any age. It can be psychological or biological. Whatever the cause, it can be very frustrating for both partners. Psychological issues involved in PE may include stress, depression, a lack of confidence, or unrealistic expectations about sex.

Older men may experience less-firm erections, which may not last long before ejaculation. The feeling that ejaculation is imminent may be shorter than it used to be.

If the problem is psychological, getting professional help can make a world of difference in your sex life and your overall confidence.

Other things that can help delay ejaculation include numbing creams or sprays; practicing delaying ejaculation; and becoming more aware of the sensations that lead to your climax and gaining more control over its timing.

Predoxen Max Delay is also a proven go to if you’re looking to make the moment last and last until you’re ready to release without the need for the numbing creams and sprays.



5. You lose your erection

Losing your erection is a major bummer for both partners, and the shame and guilt that often accompany this common situation can take you right out of the mood. However, losing an erection during sex every now and then doesn't mean you have erectile dysfunction, and it's not a judgment about how aroused or skillful you are. It happens.

If it happens a lot, see your doctor. If it happens when you've been drinking, cut down on the booze. If you're stressed, depressed, or anxious, see a therapist.

Meanwhile, try a supplement. Predoxen Male Enhancement contains ingredients proven to boost testosterone and nitric oxide for firmer, longer-lasting erections, helping put erection issues in the rear-view mirror.

Most importantly, when it does happen, use your creativity to make sure your partner has a good time anyway and then take action to help prevent it from happening again.







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